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ABOVE - NONE of these jaw shapes are what I desire. The 1st image on the left has good width but it is too round and it is not chiseled looking or square.. The other two don't fit my specifications either.


ABOVE - Here are 3 images of the EXACT shape I am looking for. Not only a wide jaw but a square one. As you can see, a SQUARE jaw is far more chiseled looking.


ABOVE - In these 3 images here you can see the jaw looks square from the side too matched with a strong jawline.
(Strong jawline and square jaw = far more balanced). I can't stress how much the jawline contributes to facial beauty. As you can see, Johnny Depp's jaw looks like that from the side (matched with the strong wide jaw from the previous image) This shows you what a square jaw would look like this from the side (EXACTLY what im looking for). These are basically images of what the 3 faces in the previous image would look like from the side. Perfectly balanced.


ABOVE - I've added this image in above of Leonardo DiCaprio so you can see from a side-by-side view that his jaw is not only wide but square matched with a strong jawline. You can compare the square jaw image on the right to the 3 above, EXACTLY the same shape. Notice how all these good looking males all possess the same jaw shape??


ABOVE - Here is a diagram I created with a selection of images to show the jawline. This prooves that a strong, square jaw is almost always matched with a strong jawline.
Take the top left image in the diagram. - Square jaw - strong jawline
Take the bottom left image. - Not Square jaw - weak jawline
As for the Leonardo DiCaprio images, his jawline has pretty much gone (due to aging and eating burgers) but I am still a good 10 years younger than him and possess the jawline he has in the bottom right image, not the top right image. I want a strong jawline like he has in his younger days, which could hopefully be done with a jaw angle implant and some liposuction by the neck.
I've noticed that people with square jaws dont only have a chiseled jaw from the front but a strong jawline from the side that goes all along the mandible (Like the image below)


ABOVE - A VERY strong jawline (The sort I am looking for). I know a Jaw Angle Implant can give a wider, square jaw from the front but I doubt it will give me this very desirable jawline from the side. As you can see it's razor sharp and goes all along up the mandible.
It may take a few liposuctions to get the jawline as strong as this (partly due to the fatty neck area). Sadly I possess the "fatty neck".
Although I am slim with not much muscle on me whatsoever, I still have this fat around the neck, not on the body but just the neck. I know liposuction takes a while to heal so It'll probably be a few liposuctions over the course of a couple of years. (Depending on how much they take out)


ABOVE - This is the patient by Dr. Terino. I am extremely impressed that this procedure is even possible to do (and maybe I take perfection for granted), but its slightly misaligned. As for this problem, I've decided that I would prefer a slightly misaligned jaw like this rather than something that isnt even noticeable like Porex. Anyway I know you can't get things perfect and its not like people are going to be staring at you from the front all the time.


ABOVE - As for this image of Orlando Bloom, I have added this concerning the Buccal Fat Removal. At this point I am totally undecided on this issue and will definetely not get this done until a year after the Jaw Angle Implant, and thats only if I do decide to get this done.
However I have included this because I feel it enhances the cheekbones and I feel that having Buccal Fat Removal (after the Jaw Implant has healed) would make the jaw more symmetrical like it looks here with Orlando Bloom.